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Make saving money on your auto insurance your New Year’s resolution

    2 minute read

    For 2009, many people have made their new year’s resolution to lose weight, spend more time with family, or stop smoking.  These are great resolutions and should be followed through until the goal is met.  For those that haven’t set a new year’s resolution or are having trouble sticking to the ones they have already set, why not make this your new year’s resolution to save money? Now may be the perfect time to look into changing your California car insurance policy, or switching companies if you think you are paying too much.

    Here are some tips you can follow to help cut the cost of your car insurance.

    Keep your driving records and personal information up to date.  If you have had any tickets or auto related citations in recent years that have dropped off of your record, it is important to verify that your insurance company knows about these.  If you don’t keep your driving record up to date, you could be wasting money by paying extra for infractions that are no longer on your record.  By keeping your personal information up to date, you can save money as well.  When you hit certain age marks, get married, or even purchase a home, you can often save money each month.

    Be sure you are taking advantage of any discounts you are eligible for.  These discounts can be for many different things including organizations you belong to, safe car features, or even the type of job you have.  Contact your insurance company to see if you can receive discounts for having a low risk occupation, driving a vehicle that is deemed “low profile”, or driving a car with advanced safety features.  You can also save by combining your coverage, assuming more risk on your vehicle, or if you are a senior citizen.

    If you are unsure if you qualify for these discounts, have your information ready and contact Auto Insurance Specialists for more information.

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