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Consequences of Not Having the Right Auto Insurance Coverage

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    When choosing auto insurance coverage, it is important to select the proper policy to fit your needs.  Many people will purchase the cheapest policy they can, and in the long run, it may end up costing more.  What is saved in a monthly payment can quickly be eaten up in litigation.

    If an insurance policy is chosen that does not cover the cost of damage or personal injury, your private assets can be seized in order to pay for the damages.  With the cost of automobile repairs and medical expenses rising, it is very important that you have coverage which will cover the cost of damage or injury if you are in any kind of accident, or have to file a claim.

    When deciding on auto insurance, it is a great idea to compare several quotes and then speak with a representative to discuss your individual situation.  When shopping for coverage, make sure you are comparing apples to apples, with regard to limits of liability, deductibles, and other variables.

    When reviewing Auto Insurance plans, the following should be considered:

    – Bodily Injury Liability

    – Property Damage Liability

    – Personal Injury Protection

    – Uninsured Motorist Protection

    – Collision and Comprehensive

    Before purchasing anything, make sure you understand what all these coverages mean, and what the consequences will be if you don’t have enough coverage.

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