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Body Shop Advice

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    For most car owners, there comes a time in life when you will have that unfortunate fender bender and you have to get the damage repaired.  For most people, picking a body shop and paying for the repairs is not an enjoyable experience.  While these tips will not make the process any more enjoyable, they will however help you to not spend more money than is necessary when it comes to body shop repairs.

    Shop Around – One of the biggest differences you will see in body shops is the hourly rate they charge to perform the labor on your vehicle.  This can range from $30-60 an hour.  The rates can vary by the location you are in and the shop itself.  You might benefit by checking your next closest town for different rates.

    Once you choose a shop and receive a quote, make sure you understand the quote you are presented.  Some shops use a computer system to generate the quote while others will do this by hand.  Whichever kind you receive, be sure the body shop technician goes over the quote in detail and that you understand it before you make a commitment.  A good shop will review this with you, but if they don’t, you should ask.  If you are not satisfied or their answers seem vague, move on to the next body shop.  Also, it never hurts to get multiple quotes from competing shops.  Some will match or beat the quote of their competitor to make sure you choose their shop.

    After your car is repaired and it is time to pick it up, inspect the parts once you get to the shop.  Look to see that the old parts were in fact damaged.  If you can’t tell, ask the technician to show you what is defective and why it needed to be replaced.  If the quote calls for new parts, ask to see the old ones and make sure new parts were put onto your vehicle.  Some shops will use refurbished parts and call them new to save money for themselves. 

    Most parts being put onto the car will need to be painted.  When you pick up your vehicle, inspect the parts and paint to make sure they were painted correctly.  If possible, try to inspect the paint in different lighting conditions.  When it is bright and sunny outside, the paint may look perfect, but moving the vehicle into an area with less light, and the same paint job could look different.  If this is the case, you may want to consider asking them to repaint this for you.

    The last thing you should always remember is to ask a lot of questions.  Repairs can cost thousands of dollars, so you want to make sure you don’t have to come back to have the work redone at an added cost.  Many shops will warranty or guarantee their work.  Make sure you get the details in writing, so if you do have issues with the work performed you can use that as your back up.

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