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Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

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    Having a new car is great, especially because if something goes wrong with it, you are covered by the warranty for a certain number of years.  But what if you own a used car, or if the warranty on your car is close to expiring?   Now there is a way to protect your vehicle in the event something goes wrong after the warranty expires. 

    Mechanical breakdown coverage will protect your pockets in the event something happens.  The real saving is if you have something major happen to your car.  If the A/C goes out, the transmission breaks, or you have a head gasket leak, mechanical breakdown coverage can save you hundreds of dollars. 

    Unlike an extended warranty for your car, mechanical breakdown coverage can be applied to all aspects of the car, not just certain parts, such as the drive train.  It also allows you to get your car repaired wherever you like instead of a required dealership. 

    If you are interested in mechanical breakdown insurance, please contact www.aisinsurance for more information and a free quote.  AIS Insurance is able to shop many different coverage’s to get you the best possible rate.

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