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Temporary Auto Insurance

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    Even if you already have an auto insurance policy for you and your immediate family, there still might come a time when you will want to temporarily add additional coverage to your policy.  Most policies contain permissive use coverage which will cover a driver of a borrowed car, as long as they had expressed or implied permission to drive the vehicle at the time of an accident.

    If you have excluded anyone from a policy because they no longer live in your home or drive the car regularly, this would be a reason for additional coverage. With the holiday season approaching, universities will be breaking and some Military personal will be home.  If anyone has been excluded from your policy, you should consider temporary coverage to ensure they are protected while driving your vehicle(s). 

    Another reason you might want to purchase temporary coverage would be in the case of renting a motor home or recreational vehicle.  Buying a temporary policy can help to protect you in the event that the coverage provided by the rental company is not enough to pay for damage or medical bills.

    For more information about temporary auto insurance, please contact a qualified professional at or call 888-772-4247.

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