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Save Money on California Insurance

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    People are always looking to save some money on their California insurance policies.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are better ways to save than by reducing coverage, or canceling a policy altogether.   

    One of the best ways to save is to combine policies.  In some cases people have multiple policies with multiple companies.  By taking policies such as car insurance, homeowners insurance and life insurance and consolidating them under one company, they can save anywhere from 10-20%.  For those who don’t own a home, they can still save by combining such policies such as auto insurance, health insurance and renter’s insurance.

    AIS Insurance offers may types of California insurance policies to cover your needs.  AIS also makes it convenient for you to add or change your existing policy.  Agents are always available, and AIS offers an online interface that allows you to manage your account 24/7.  For more information on the policies we offer, please visit, or contact one of our sales agents today at 888-772-4247.

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