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Special Equipment Coverage

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    In many cases, when someone buys a vehicle, they will leave it as is.  But, for those who do customize their car, or buy one that has already been modified,  they need added protection for their investments into the vehicle.  Aftermarket parts for cars are becoming more popular, especially in the electronics department.  When people travel long distances, they like to have entertainment along the way.  For example, a custom stereo system with built in TV’s in the headrests so that everyone has some additional entertainment during their ride.  Systems such as these typically cost at minimum $1000 up to several thousand of dollars.

    When you purchase comprehension or collision coverage, up to $1000 of added parts to your vehicle is sometimes  covered by the standard policy.  Anything above $1000 is generally not covered, and coverage for some items is specifically excluded.  So if you plan to add parts or features to your car, you should consider adding special equipment coverage if you want to recover the cost should you be involved in an accident or there is a theft.  If you don’t add this special coverage and your car is totaled, you will not be reimbursed for the added equipment.

    Below is list of items that can often be covered under special equipment coverage:

    • Custom paint work.
    • Anti-theft systems not installed by the vehicle manufacturer.
    • Special tires and wheels.
    • Custom interior modifications (leather seats or racing seats, not installed by the auto manufacturer.
    • TV’s, radios and other electronic devices that are permanently installed in the vehicle.

    Here is a list of items that typically will not be covered under special equipment coverage:

    • Radar detectors.
    • TV’s, radios and other electronics that are not permanently installed in the vehicle.
    • CD’s, tapes and the cases that are used as storage.

    For more information about special equipment coverage please contact and AIS representative today or see