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Insuring your Teen Permit Driver

    2 minute read

    My teen just got his permit.  Do I need to add him to my policy? If so when is the best time?  As always with coverage questions, it depends on the language of the policy.  If you have signed a separate agreement with the insurance company that excludes him from coverage, then you definitely need to add him to the policy if you wish coverage to apply while operating the vehicle.  If not excluded, there may be coverage for liability, but not for collision and comprehensive if they are not added.  Auto policies generally cover all resident relatives for liability and listed resident relatives for collision and comprehensive.  To be absolutely certain of coverage, the best practice is to not let him drive before speaking with your agent.  Your carrier may require that for there to be coverage, the permit driver must be in compliance with the provisions of their permit and make sure they know what such requirements are before allowing them to drive.  A number of companies will not charge an additional premium to cover a permit driver.  They will, however increase the premium when he gets his actual license or reaches 18 years of age.

    As always, it is important to review the language of your specific policy, or contact your insurance agent for more details about the coverage specific to your teen who has just acquired their driving permit.

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