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How Is My Insurance Rate Affected by a Traffic Citation?

    2 minute read

    While no one likes to receive moving violations, getting a traffic citation isn’t necessarily cause for panic over your insurance rates. If this is your only traffic ticket in the last three years, you likely have little to worry about. That’s because most insurance companies only review driving records when you apply for insurance, if you are considered a high risk driver or if you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

    If this is your second traffic ticket or a violation that is serious enough to garnish extra points on your record, it’s a different story. You will want to take action to try and clear your record.

    If possible, take the time to show up for your court date. If the officer does not appear then you can make a motion to dismiss the case. In most California traffic courts, this is automatic. However, some judges will issue a continuance for the officer. If he does show, you can then opt for traffic school to keep your speeding ticket off your record.

    If you have a California driver’s license and the ticket you received is in California, you can go to traffic school. In fact, many court jurisdictions now accept California traffic school online. You may take the school once every eighteen months for minor traffic violations (or with the judge’s permission for more serious citations).

    By going to traffic school, you will keep the ticket off your record and avoid an increase in your California car insurance rates. A bit of advice though, make sure you check with the court prior to paying the fee and attending school. Not all California counties accept California online traffic schools.

    If you have a commercial driver’s license, please note the laws have changed. You can no longer erase a California speeding ticket by attending traffic school. It will still go on your record.

    Obviously, safe and responsible driving should always be a priority, but it’s good to know that if you do make a mistake and end up with a traffic citation there are sometimes options for rectifying the situation and avoiding increases in your auto insurance.

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