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Does the Auto Insurance Carrier I Choose Really Matter?

    2 minute read

    In this day and age every dollar makes a difference.  You may be tempted to choose a car insurance company based on who offers you the lowest rate.  That may actually not always be the best idea.

    First off, you need to understand that the primary purpose of your auto insurance carrier is to be there when you are in a crisis situation.  Clearly, you’ll want to go with a company you can trust.

    The best thing you can do is put in a little extra effort to find a carrier that is affordable and reliable.  Here are a few recommendations to start with: 

    • Do a background check.  Take your list of best premium offers and go on the California Department of Insurance’s website.  There you will be able to look at each company’s history (such as how long they’ve been in business) and what kind of complaints they’ve had filed against them.  You’d hate to choose a company, get into an accident, only to find that they drag their feet on issuing you a check for repairs, medical bills or a rental car.
    • Test their customer service.  Not all accidents happen between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Make sure the company you are considering has 24 hour service.  You’ll want someone to coach you on what you need to do, to get, and to provide after an accident.  You could also consider calling around to local body shops. They deal with insurance companies all the time and will be able to tell you who is good and who to avoid.
    • Are they solid and stable?  If you are in an accident, you’ll want to be covered by a company that can afford to pay the claims.  It’s easy to see if a company is financially fit and solvent by checking the credit rating on A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s.


    If you do a little homework before choosing a carrier, you’ll have peace of mind if you are really put to the test! At Auto Insurance Specialists, we can assist by offering you a variety of quotes to choose from based on the criteria and coverage needs you select. Visit our site today for a free auto insurance quote.

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