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Special Vehicle Insurance

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    Special vehicle insurance is necessary for motorcycles, boats, classic cars, RVs, and other non-car vehicles, but too often people fail to secure this specialized insurance.

    Recreational toys, like ATVs, golf carts, and motorbikes, need insurance just like the family car needs insurance. It should be  specific to each type of vehicle, so when it comes time to make a claim, you will not be surprised by what is covered and what is not.

    Let’s take RVs for example. If you are involved in a crash and don’t have  a specialized RV policy, you may wind up getting less than you expected. Similarly, if your RV is broken into, chances are you will have far more items at risk, with significantly greater values, than are typically at risk in your car…items like jewelry, computers, iPads, etc. If you have only standard automobile insurance on your recreational vehicle, that policy will typically not pay to replace these types of items.

    Classic cars and motorcycles should have special policies as well. Chances are, standard policies will not cover antique cars, nor will they properly cover your motorcycle, especially if it has been customized. There is an even more specialized policy that covers the after-market customizations that so many riding enthusiasts make to their motorcycles.

    Auto Insurance Specialists can help you find a special vehicle insurance policy to protect any of your recreational toys, and vehicles alike, so that you can relax, even as you’re cruising down the highway.

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