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Why You Need Flood Insurance

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    (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

    Flooding can happen anywhere and at any time. Many people assume that their homes will be safe if they do not live near a large body of water, but that is simply not true. Homes on the east and west coast, such as prime coastal Californian real estate often attract eager buyers for the views, but a new buyer’s mind rarely weighs the possibility of elemental threats such as wind, fire, or water damage. Again, even if there is no apparent threat of flood, record breaking rains and a blocked drainage system can spell disaster in any neighborhood. Large thunderstorms, hurricanes, even melting snow can also build up enough water to cause a flood. These events can have catastrophic consequences to your home and your belongings. If you think that your home is covered for flood under your homeowner’s policy, please check your policy. Flood damage is not covered by the typical homeowner’s insurance policy.

    Flood damage is often excluded from a homeowner’s insurance policy and savvy homeowners will know that to fully protect their home and their belongings inside, they will need supplemental insurance; in this case, flood insurance. If you have moved to a new home or are reassessing your current homeowner’s insurance policy, consider purchasing a flood insurance policy. Research what amount is right to cover your home and your possessions and know that a natural disaster such as a flood can be covered by insurance.

    AIS, one of the nation’s largest personal lines insurance agencies, would like to help you with your policy needs no matter where in the United States you live! We make it easy to compare flood insurance quotes to find the best combination of coverage and price for you.

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