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The Basics of Mobile Home Insurance

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    Mobile home insurance (also known as “manufactured home insurance”) is, in many respects, similar to homeowner’s insurance. But with mobile home insurance, you get a policy that is tailored specifically for mobile homes, giving you a level of protection that fits your needs.

    The main purpose of mobile home insurance is to protect your mobile home and its contents (which would include your personal property). The damages specifically covered will vary from policy to policy, but basic coverage usually includes damages from fire, theft, and certain natural disasters. If it’s not included in your basic policy, you may want to add personal liability to your mobile home insurance. This protects you from personal liability in case someone on your property is accidentally harmed or otherwise injured.

    Depending on the insurance provider, there can be few ways to receive discounted mobile home insurance. The age of your mobile home can be a factor (a newer home can be insured for less) and so can the presence of security features. Some insurance companies may be willing to discount mobile home insurance if you bundle it with another insurance policy, like auto insurance. To explore your options for mobile home coverage and discounts, contact an AIS representative today.

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