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Comprehensive Coverage and Damage Types

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    A standard auto insurance policy will cover you in case of an accident while on the road. However, if your vehicle is damaged and it’s not from a traffic accident, that would fall under comprehensive coverage. If you are seeking comprehensive coverage on your policy, you will notice  this coverage typically cover things like “vandalism” and “natural disaster”. These are broad terms, so you may be wondering the types of damage that falls under these designations.

    Comprehensive coverage plan is usually true to its namesake. Typical vandalism coverages include:

    • Graffiti on your vehicle
    • Broken windows
    • Malicious damaging to the vehicle, including tampering with vehicle equipment
    • Flattened or slashed tires
    • Fire damage to the vehicle
    • Damage resulting from theft attempts

     Natural disaster coverage is also quite broad and typically includes hail, storm damage, flood, earthquake, explosions, etc.

    Specific types of damage covered can vary from provider to provider. This is especially true if you live in an area in which certain natural disasters are more likely to occur – like earthquakes in California. Many California insurers will cover earthquakes, but out of state insurers may not. When considering a policy, you can always speak with an AIS representative regarding specific coverage.

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