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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Auto Insurance

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    Quick Auto Insurance Tips – Get the Most Out of Your Insurance Policy

    woman in a car with keys in her handOnce you find a decently priced auto insurance plan that meets your needs, you are likely to jump at the deal out of sheer convenience, instead of spending more time weighing your options. However, no two car insurance companies are alike, and you might learn that the plan you purchased is not the best option for your insurance needs or your wallet.

    Here is a list of five ways to ensure you are getting the most for your money.

    1. Do not Forget, You are Paying for a Service

    Paying your premiums on time usually indicates you are a good customer, but what makes a good insurance company? Good rates should only be a portion of the bigger insurance picture.

    A rule of thumb is that customer service can make or break a company. So making an insurance claim or having a problem you need help with should not change your experience with your insurance company from friendly to well, not. You pay for an insurance company to provide you help when it is needed. A good company holds up their end of the bargain by assisting, not hassling you when this occurs. Be sure to choose a provider with a good customer service reputation.

    2. Never Let Your Coverage Lapse

    man frustrated with his auto insurance companyLetting your auto coverage lapse at any point can lead to lost renewal discounts. This is because customers customers who go without coverage even for a short time, are considered a greater risk to insurance companies. We suggest everyone do their best to not allow their auto insurance coverage to lapse for any amount of time.

    3. Keep a Clean Record

    A safe driver typically represents a lower risk to insurance providers and companies usually reward good driving records with their best rates. So the longer you go without a ticket or accident, the better your rates are likely to be.

    4. Be Honest About Your Needs

    Even with a clean driving record, you know more about your driving habits and vehicle condition than anyone else. If you live in a congested area where accidents are an everyday risk, a policy with minimal limits may not fulfill your needs should you need to file a claim.

    In addition, some vehicles are more at risk for theft than others, and the vehicles that get stolen the most might not be what you would expect. According to the Washington Post, those cars stolen the most are the 1994 Honda Accord coming in first and the 1998 Honda Civic taking second. Therefore, if you drive a vehicle that is more likely to be stolen, you may end up paying a bit more to cover your car.

    5. Consider a Higher Deductible

    A deductible is the amount of money that you are responsible for paying when it comes to filing a collision or comprehensive claim. A low deductible means you will have lower out-of-pocket payments in the event of a claim, but you will likely pay higher monthly premiums in exchange. A high deductible works the opposite way, usually carrying a lower monthly premium and a larger payout by you in the event you file a claim.

    You do not need to think about and research car insurance extensively to be an informed consumer, but knowledge is power. Even if you are happy with the plan you have, it is still smart to keep your options open. And if it has been a while since you shopped around, getting a few new quotes from AIS may pleasantly surprise you.

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