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When Animals Attack Cars

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    There are numerous calamities that can befall a motor vehicle; collisions, theft, vandalism, hail, and even flooding are not uncommon occurrences. And then there are those few vehicles that somehow end up in the crosshairs of the unpredictable animal kingdom.

    Shocking Images of Animals Attacking Vehicles

    Below are some of the situations that maybe covered under comprehensive (“Other Than Collision”) coverage section of most (not all) auto insurance policy depending on terms and condition.

    image of an elephant pushing a car over

    lions surround a car


    rhino standing on a car in the waterIt is difficult to imagine exactly what transpired to lead to this photo, but one thing appears certain: that rhinoceros is really proud of its trophy!







    thousands of bees surround a carHaving your car attacked by one animal is one thing. Having it assaulted by thousands of them is another, especially when the creatures are bees.








    small cheetah bites a carOne of the fastest hunting animals on the planet has just sunk its teeth into an SUV.









    In the event damage is caused to your vehicle by an animal, we urge you to contact AIS and speak with an agent and explain the facts.  Typically your comprehensive coverage would apply in this situation, however, all carriers are different and it is best to speak with an insurance specialist to fully understand your policy and applicable coverage.

    Speaking of unexpected vehicle damage, AIS Insurance can find you all kinds of auto insurance coverage, including comprehensive policies that cover damage from animal attacks. Auto Insurance Specialists can also help find coverage at a price you can afford. So give them a call today!

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