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4 Creative Ways to Lower Your California Car Insurance Rates

    2 minute read

    Okay, car insurance seekers — it’s time for an exercise in creativity!

    This brand of “creative” is about thinking a bit outside the box and finding creative ways to save on your auto insurance. Here are four creative, perfectly legal ways to reduce the amount you pay for auto insurance premiums in California.

    Tips to Help Lower Your California Car Insurance Rates

    1. Lower the number of miles you put on your car getting to work or school. A key factor in determining your car insurance premiums is the number of miles you drive annually. Therefore, adopting a new routine can significantly decrease your total mileage. Try carpooling with a co-worker or fellow student, or taking the bus, light rail, or train a few times every week. Ask your boss if you can telecommute from time to time. Assuming a five-day work/school week, making alternate transportation plans twice each week could cut your annual mileage by up to 40 percent! Such a significant decrease may lead to big savings on your car insurance.

    2. Examine your memberships. Chances are, you probably belong to several organizations, perhaps even a few that you have forgotten about. If you do a bit of research, you may discover that some of these groups offer a discount on your auto insurance if you choose a certain carrier. Alumni groups, auto clubs, and professional organizations usually provide these types of discounts to their members.

    3. Review the coverage details of your policy. You would most likely chose to not pay more for a vehicle with a bunch of add-on features you will not use. So take the same cost-saving approach with insurance coverage for that vehicle. A close review of your policy can help: Consider raising the deductible you will pay, offer to purchase six months or a year of coverage up front, or get your auto insurance from the company that also covers your home, boat, or other needs and reap the benefits from a lower, multi-policy rate. With these smart moves you may qualify for multiple discounts, which can add up to savings pretty quickly.

    4. Discounts. Discounts can save you a great deal on your car insurance. Be sure to inquire about the discounts that you may be eligible for and take advantage of them. Here are some common discounts you may want to consider:

    • Multiple car

    • Good driver

    • Anti-theft

    • Good student

    Tip: contact Auto Insurance Specialists. They are experts at finding the ideal auto insurance coverage for their customers at very affordable rates.

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