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Your License Is Suspended … Now What?

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    California drivers can have their licenses suspended for a variety of reasons, from being cited for driving without insurance or DUI to failing to appear in court or pay child support. The grounds for your DL suspension will affect what must be done to have your driving privileges reinstated.

    Driver’s Licenses Suspension: What to Do First

    judge suspending drivers licenseThe very first step you should take is to make alternate transportation arrangements, at least for the short-term. Because no matter what the reason is for your license suspension, it will take a little time to resolve. So it’s wise for you to look into bus schedules, carpooling possibilities, taxicabs, or bicycling options in order to get to and from work, school, and errands.

    The one thing that you should most certainly not do is to disregard the law and drive without a valid license. If you do and get caught, you could be forced to pay very steep fines and/or spend time in jail.

    In the event that you think that your license suspension is a mistake by the state, you should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to try and iron everything out. In some cases, you can file an appeal of your suspension before a court, or obtain a restricted driver’s licenses that may allow you commute to work or school.

    Driver’s Licenses Suspension: Waiting and Preparing

    You’ll probably have to wait a certain period of time before you can apply for a reinstated license. During this time, you should strive to fulfill the requirements outlined by the court or DMV in order to get your license reinstated. Depending on why your license was suspended, you may have to buy auto insurance coverage and/or obtain proof of financial responsibility. Or you might have to take care of whatever fines, court fees, or mandated payments are overdue. In the case of a DUI, you’ll have to complete a DUI treatment program and perhaps serve a period of incarceration; you’ll also need what’s known as an SR-22, which is a specific type of financial responsibility that is monitored by the state.

    Getting Your Driver’s License Back

    Once you are eligible to have your driver’s license reinstated, you will receive a form called a Notice of Restoration from the state of California. You should take this form and go to your nearest DMV office (in some cases, an appointment may be necessary) along with whatever documentation is needed to satisfy the requirements of your particular situation. You’ll also need to pay a $125 reissuance fee (and perhaps some related court or administrative fees as well) before getting your license back. Finally, you might need to endure a probation period during which you cannot be cited for other criminal or moving violations lest your license be suspended again.

    Don’t Forget About Insurance

    woman driving with auto insuranceUnfortunately, the suspension of your driver’s license will almost certainly increase your auto insurance premiums (and since insurers can monitor your driving record, it’s impossible to hide this information from them). That said, there’s no reason that you should pay more than you have to. Auto Insurance Specialists has experience in finding affordable auto insurance rates for California drivers — even those who have suffered the misfortune of a suspended license. So contact AIS Insurance before you get your license reinstated.

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