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Report: California Leads the Nation in Luxury Car Thefts

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    When some people think of the Golden State, they envision a place that’s inhabited by those who are living “golden” lives. There’s a kernel of truth to that notion, as many Californians do run successful businesses, live in spacious homes, and/or shop at the most exclusive boutiques.

    Man stealing a carOh, and many of them drive expensive luxury cars, too. But here’s a little secret: a large number of these pricey vehicles get stolen. So much so, in fact, that California is the “luxury car theft” capital of the nation.

    California: #1 in Luxury Auto Thefts

    Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau reveals that over a thousand luxury vehicles were stolen in the Golden State between 2009 and 2012. In fact, 57% more luxury vehicles were stolen in California than in the second-place state of Florida. New Jersey, New York, and Michigan round out the top five states on the list.

    For the study, luxury cars were those defined as such by Automotive News rankings and consisted only of model years between 2010 and 2012. The most frequently-stolen luxury vehicle was the Mercedes-Benz C Class, followed closely by its fellow compact cars, the BMW 3 Series and the Infiniti G Series. Mercedes-Benz’s E Class was fourth on the list and the most commonly stolen mid-sized luxury car; while the German automaker’s S Class topped the list for the most-stolen premium luxury car.

    Protecting Your Luxury Car From Thieves

    So how can luxury car owners in California keep their vehicles from being stolen?

    proetect your car from vehicle theftNot surprisingly, there are numerous anti-theft products available on the market for vehicle owners. Historically, the most oft-used device is the car alarm, although these days it’s wise to have the alarm wired to a backup power source so that it can’t be deactivated by thieves. If you think that a car alarm is too intrusive for your neighborhood, a fuel switch or kill switch can be installed in a vehicle to cut off the fuel supply and block the electric current, respectively. If you’re worried about voiding the car’s warranty with switches, a crook lock (which locks the steering wheel) or an armored collar (which covers the steering column and ignition system) may be enough to deter thieves from trying to steal it in the first place. Finally, vehicle tracking systems can help the police locate your vehicle if it is stolen, thus increasing the chances for its safe recovery.

    There are also some common-sense suggestions to follow to prevent your luxury car from being targeted by thieves.

    • Don’t ever leave your vehicle unattended while running.

    • Always lock the doors when exiting the vehicle.

    • Never leave valuables in your vehicle.

    • Park in well-traveled, well-lit areas whenever possible.

    • Engage your emergency brake when parked to prevent your vehicle from being towed away.

    Insuring Your Luxury Car Against Theft

    Another product that can give you peace of mind is comprehensive auto insurance. Unlike liability insurance (which you are required to purchase before you drive in California), comprehensive insurance covers you in the event your car is stolen. The experts at Auto Insurance Specialists can get you multiple quotes for comprehensive coverage that best suits your needs. So if you’re going to spend the money on a brand new luxury car, protect your investment by getting comprehensive auto insurance from AIS.

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