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How to Conserve Water During a Drought

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    Many areas of the western United States are experiencing a particularly nasty drought right now. This is making water into a valuable and precious resource in those areas. No one knows how long the drought will last, or how bad it will get before it’s done. Even when it is over, it will take a long time for the area to recover its water levels.
    It’s important to know how to save water during a drought, because every drop counts when rain is scarce. Do your part to help keep the faucets flowing by following these water-saving tips.


    1. Install Low-Flow Water Devices on Your Toilet, Shower, and Washing Machine

    Everything will get just as clean with low-flow devices as it will without them. In fact, most of our water-using appliances are configured to use much more water than is necessary. By installing low-flow devices, you are keeping water usage reasonable, helping the environment, and saving money on your water bill, too. You may have to get used to taking showers with a little less water pressure than you’ve previously been used to, but the overall benefits to the earth are worth it.

    2. Stop Watering Your Grass

    One of the biggest water wasters out there is lawn maintenance. Those automatic sprinkler systems use a ton of water that could be saved and used to help people who need drinking water. Even using a hose to water your lawn uses more water than you may think!

    We’ve all become attached to our nice green lawns. In fact, some cities have ordinances that require them (though most places will lift this requirement if there is a serious drought). The best way to have a nice looking lawn while avoiding watering it is to either install realistic looking faux grass, or to landscape your yard with drought-resistant plants and rocks. None of these things require watering, and your lawn will still look beautiful.

    3. Don’t Wash Your Car

    Much like a green lawn, a shiny car is just something most of us have gotten used to having all the time, even though it is not a necessity. Washing your car at home or at a car wash uses more water than can be spared for such things during a drought. If it’s driving you crazy not to have a clean car, there are a number of waterless cleaning treatments at your local auto supply store.


    The important thing to remember in a drought is that every drop of water saved is precious. That water can go for drinking, bathing, and sanitation, rather than frivolous things. Do your part to help your community, the earth, and even yourself by using these water saving tips if you’re living in drought conditions.

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