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Denied Insurance Claim? What Steps to Take

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    It can happen to anyone-

    You get in an accident and it was not your fault. You go through all necessary steps to ensure a smooth transaction, but then, you get a letter telling you the other driver’s insurance is denying your claim and will not compensate you for the damage to your car. You feel frustrated and confused, questioning why they will not cover the cost when it was ruled not your fault. AIS is here to help in the steps on what to do if your claim was denied.

    First, ask the adjuster to give you a written explanation of the insurance company’s reasons for claiming there is no coverage, including references to the specific policy provisions that limit coverage. This will give you a chance to respond to the reasons more specifically.

    denied insurance claim - denied insurance document

    If you have the proper coverage on your policy, the easiest route is to pay your deductible and let your insurance take care of the damages. If your insurance feels that it is not your fault, then they will pursue the other insurance company. It may take a while and have to go through arbitration, meaning you’ll have a wait to get your deductible back, but at least your vehicle will be repaired and you’ll have moved on with your life.

    One route to take to avoid the other driver’s insurance company from denying your claim is to write the other driver’s insurance company a statement testifying what happened, and what expenses you would like them to pay. When you draft this letter, be sure to mention all you expect compensation for such as vehicle repairs, rental car expenses, medical expenses, any wages that you lost, total-loss to your vehicle, diminished value to your vehicle, etc. Presenting clear information helps the insurance company properly assess the claim.

    denied insurance claim - car accident victims

    Navigating your way through insurance claims can be confusing, that’s where your agent can be an advocate on your side. At AIS, we can help you better understand the process and guide you on your best next steps. We are always here to help our clients.

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