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El Nino and Flood Insurance

El Niño is Coming – Why It’s a Good Idea to Get Flood Insurance Now

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    Flood Insurance | "El Nino Ahead" SignThere is a weather phenomenon approaching that may help the record drought conditions in the West, but could potentially wreak havoc throughout the U.S. El Niño is predicted to significantly increase rainfall in affected areas. Storm and water damage is often an area where consumers aren’t clear on their insurance coverage, so it is a good time to review your policy.  Below are some things to think about for your property insurance, car insurance, as well as a recommendation to consider flood insurance since it’s usually not included in your other policies.

    Gaps in Property Coverage

    Most of us have a homeowner insurance policy (or renter or condo insurance) to protect our property. However, it’s important to know that water or flood damage is NOT covered by a standard homeowners policy. You need a specialized flood insurance policy to ensure protection of your assets.

    Why Is Flood Insurance Important (even if you aren’t in a flood zone)?  Some facts to consider:

    • According to, the average flood loss is $38,000. Want to check your home? Check out this cost of flooding calculator.
    • Nearly 25% of claims come from areas that are not considered to be high risk.
    • Less than 50% of floods are declared federal disasters. Flood insurance can help you when there’s not a declaration, and also help you avoid federal assistance loans that must be paid back if there is one.

    Also, there is typically a waiting period before your flood insurance policy goes into effect, usually 30 days from the application and premium payment date, so you’ll want to get your policy in place before the rain starts.

    Here are a few other possible gaps:

    • Water backup damage: Most flood insurance policies and basic property insurance policies do not cover water backup damage. This type of damage is typically caused by water that overflows from a sump pump or backs up through sewers or drains. It’s a good idea to add this coverage and we can help.
    • High Value Property: Most property insurance has limits on valuables such as fine arts, jewelry, ornamental rugs, etc. Talk to us about the best way to set up your policy to cover these items.

     Gaps in Vehicle Coverage

    With predictions of big El Niño storms, you may want to be sure your car insurance covers flood and water damage. If so, you’ll need more than your state’s minimum liability insurance requirements. You’ll want comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, which can cover damage caused by hail, water, and floods in some cases. Every car insurance policy is different. Wading through insurance coverages might seem daunting, but luckily, there are people who can help you. The representatives at AIS are licensed and knowledgeable specialists. We’re here to explain coverage options and help you get the protection you need. Please click to get a free online quote, or call us at (888) 772-4247.