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Cheap car insurance - 5 tips for getting cheap auto insurance

5 Tips for Getting Cheap Car Insurance

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    Cheap car insurance - 5 tips for getting cheap auto insuranceShopping for Car Insurance

    The beginning of the year—between January and March—is a popular time to shop for car insurance. To launch their search, most people take to the Internet, prioritizing the keyword “cheap” above all else. That can be their first mistake.
    You don’t want low-quality insurance. If you’re not a savvy consumer (or don’t have an expert agent by your side), you could easily end up unknowingly skimping on coverage, signing up with a poorly rated insurance carrier, paying a big “broker fee”, or failing to properly shop around for all of the discounts available.

    What you want is high-quality insurance that’s not cheap, but affordable. That’s really to say, focus on how to get the best deal on a car insurance policy that won’t leave you high and dry when you need it most, but is still in line with your budget. Our licensed insurance specialists at AIS are here to help, but you are part of the equation, too.

    Here are 5 tips for securing affordable, not cheap, car insurance:

    1. Don’t go it alone.

    Finding the absolute best car insurance policy to fit your needs at the best rates might be impossible if you’re looking on your own. The Internet is indeed one big rabbit hole. Don’t waste your time doing the search alone. Call an insurance specialist at AIS or generate a quick online quote to assist you. Either way, the curation will save you hours of search, providing instant results that compare the most competitive rates from the most trusted insurance companies in the nation. AIS shops multiple insurers at once to find the best match for your driving record and safety needs, returning only high-quality policies that aren’t stingy with their coverage. If you have a specific price in mind, we’ll find a variety of competitive providers so that you have choices.

    2. Play around with variables.

    There are a number of ways to save on your car insurance policy without actually minimizing coverage. One search option that may affect rates is changing the amount of your deductible. Do this across carrier quotes, comparing the same coverage amounts and deductibles before you make a decision.
    Also consider bundling your insurance policies (i.e. adding your Car Insurance to your Homeowner’s Insurance policy) with a single insurer to get big savings. At AIS, our customer service staff is four times the size of our sales staff, so we’re here to help you strategize however we can.

    Cheap car insurance - 5 tips for getting cheap auto insurance3. Know about the discounts you qualify for.

    You are an important influence on your insurance rates. Sure, there are some factors you can’t change—your zip code, your gender, the years you’ve been a licensed driver—but it’s also likely that there are a number of discounts available to you based on your life status and the good choices you’ve made. An Insurance Specialist will have a detailed understanding of the discounts each insurer offers and how they might apply to you, but for your part it’s good to be aware of the common car insurance discounts out there. Check out our previous blog post, “7 Auto Insurance Discounts You Should Know About,” to see if you’re eligible for a good driver discount, policy renewal discount, multi-vehicle or bundling discount, vehicle safety equipment discount, occupational or association discount, or a student/mature driver discount.

    4. Keep a clean driving record.

    Unfortunately, prior accidents or moving violations can have a pretty significant, negative impact on your car insurance rates. No amount of provider comparison can get around that. To avoid unnecessarily high rates, keep your driving record clean by not violating driving laws and driving safely on the road.

    5. Know that high-performance cars can drive up rates.

    It’s fun to drive luxury vehicles, with the wind blowing through your hair; they can make you feel like you’re gliding along the road. Be wary, though. High-performance vehicles can drive up your car insurance premiums. The rule of thumb is if the car parts are expensive to replace, the higher the cost of coverage you’ll have to pay for.
    Consider our tips for affordable auto insurance and start the process with an online quote. Find a policy now by comparing quotes from multiple companies here.


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