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5 Safety Tips That Lower Your California Auto Insurance

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    Being safe can save you money on your auto insurance in California.

    Your friends love to poke a little good-natured fun at you for being overly concerned about safety. You’re that person who always parks your car at the far end of the parking lot and owns one of those “club” anti-theft devices in case anyone tries to break in. You also pay a little bit more in rent (and in California, rents are already high), but you live in a safe neighborhood, which gives you peace of mind. You are young and still in college at UCLA with a B+ average, and you make sure your apartment has a working alarm system just like your car does.

    Taking safety precautions can prevent problems and it can actually save you money on your California auto insurance premiums. Yes, auto insurance companies offer lower rates to people who are safety-conscious. Who’s laughing now?

    Here are some safety tips for lowering your California auto insurance:

    1. Get a good driver discount.

    Prop 103 requires insurance companies in California to give a 20% discount to drivers who have been driving for at least three years, have not been at fault for any accident that resulted in an injury or death, have not had more than one point on your license, and have not taken traffic school more than once because of a violation.

    2. Park in a safe place.

    Parking in a safe neighborhood or in off-street parking like a driveway or garage can earn you a safety discount on some auto insurance plans.

    Different cars can have many different safety features.

    3. Use a car alarm or other anti-theft device.

    You can get you a discount on your auto insurance if you use a tracking device or alarm because it gives you a lower probability of having to file a claim in the future.

    4. Get good grades in school.

    High school and college students can get a break on the higher rates young drivers often have to pay by showing that they have good grades, typically a B average or top 20% of their class. This is because good students tend statistically to make more cautious drivers.

    5. Buy a car with safety features.

    Anti-lock brakes and other safety features like rear cameras or sensors that stop the car when it gets too close to another car can get you discounts. There are many features that make cars safer, so it may take some research to figure out what kind of car to buy.

    Get an auto insurance quote from AIS Insurance and see how your safe habits can save you money on you California auto insurance.

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