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Do Auto Insurance Premiums Ever Drop?

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    We all know that auto insurance rates have a tendency to go up, right? If you started driving as a teen and paid any of your own insurance costs, you’re already aware that insurance can be expensive. Make a single mistake and it can be catastrophic. However, if you’re looking for cheap California auto insurance, all is not lost. The fact is that insurance premiums do go down for most people over a period of time. Here are the various factors that can land you lower car insurance rates.

    Locate cheap California auto insurance through a variety of discounts.

    Getting Older Is a Good Thing

    It’s commonly believed that when you turn 25, your auto insurance rates are going to dramatically decrease. The truth is that California uses years of driving experience, not age, to calculate rates. If you keep your record clear of tickets and accidents, your rates should drop a little bit every few year.

    Get Educated!

    Some auto insurers will offer discounts to older drivers for taking safe driver or defensive driving courses. These are optional courses that provide additional tips to drivers to stay safe on the road. Some drivers can save as much as 5 percent on coverage by completing these courses, most of which can be taken online.

    Muscle Car or Hybrid?

    If you’re looking for cheap California auto insurance, you may want to consider what type of car you’re driving. Your choice in vehicle is one of the biggest factors in insurance premium calculations. If you’re struggling to choose between that sporty Camaro and the sensible Prius, save your dollars and go green!

    The type of car you choose to drive will have a large impact on your auto insurance premiums.

    Move to a Small Town

    Aside from the type of car that you drive, one of the other biggest rating factors for auto insurance premiums is zip code. Insurance premiums are statistically calculated based on geography. A small town, with less population density, is generally going to have fewer accidents and lower insurance rates. If you’re living downtown, consider the suburbs or a nearby small town as an option.

    Ditch the Commute

    The number of miles that you drive your car annually is factored into your premium. Does your city have a mass transit option? Have you been offered a job with lower commute time? Better yet, how about a work at home option? On average, dropping a commute can lower your auto insurance premium by up to 2 percent.

    Find the Best Auto Insurance Discounts

    There are many ways to achieve lower auto insurance rates. On the whole, auto insurers want to see that you have several years of a clean driving record, that you are making safe choices, and that you are showing other signs of stability. A few other things that insurers look favorably upon include getting married, and buying a home. If you’re looking for cheap California auto insurance, there is hope. Contact us to get an auto insurance quote or to learn about our insurance discounts now.

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