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Auto insurance discounts in California

How Does Your Job Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates?

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    When insurance companies determine what they’re going to charge you for auto insurance, it’s based on mathematical formulas that calculate risk based on a variety of elements. Among these are how long you’ve been driving a vehicle, where you live, and your driving history. What many people don’t realize is that other factors, such as occupation can impact your auto insurance rates. What you do for a living can either cost you more or provide you with auto insurance discounts in California.

    Are You in a High-Risk Job?

    Let’s start with the obvious occupations that many of us would agree breed higher than average risk drivers. Anyone involved in professional sports or the entertainment business is going to have higher auto insurance rates. Some carrier may not accept these high profile individuals at all. Aside from these occupations, insurers look at professions that place people on the road more than a typical occupation. Jobs such as real estate agent, lawyer, doctor, architect, and salesperson make that list.

    Low-Risk Jobs

    If you’re looking for auto insurance discounts in California, you may be able to achieve some just by having the right type of job. Many insurers have found that some occupations just produce statistically lower rates of accidents. Among the jobs that will get you the best rates are nurses, pilots, artists, scientists, accountants, and teachers. In fact, teachers were found to be some of the safest vehicle operators, giving them the label of “low-risk” drivers. Some of these discounts may require you to demonstrate membership in a professional group or are based on a specific degree.

    Auto insurance discounts in california
    Are you in a high-risk, stressful occupation, or in one that will get you auto insurance discounts?

    Other Factors

    It’s become clear that not only occupation but also education level plays a role in auto insurance rates and discounts. Two groups did similar studies on this several years ago, and both came up with the same conclusions. One of the studies, by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), found that in five major U.S. cities, carriers were providing discounts for both level of education and occupation. In some cities, those discounts were as high as 45%.

    When shopping for the best auto insurance rates, discounts are important. AIS offers auto insurance discounts in California for certain professions as well as for such things as safe drivers, good students, and approved anti-theft devices. Contact us to learn about our insurance discounts and start a quote for affordable California auto insurance.

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