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These Top 14 Wedding Disasters Are Reasons to Get Wedding Insurance!

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    If you’re reading this and are planning a wedding, you know how much money, time and energy goes into planning that special day. Unfortunately, even if you plan meticulously, there will be mishaps, as there always are. However, you can protect your perfect day and make sure it is just that – perfect. There are several things you can do to prevent disaster, but without a doubt, buying wedding insurance is the most important. While many people have been buying this very important coverage for years, others still don’t even know it exists or what it can do for them. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on an elaborate event, why wouldn’t you spend $120 – $500 to make sure your investment is protected?

    When Should I Buy Wedding Insurance?

    What most people don’t know is that they should get insured as early as a couple of years before the actual wedding date. You can also get insured as late as 24 hours before, but making deposits and purchases is easier when you are already covered. If you do buy close to the date, you should have saved all receipts so you can get coverage for purchases made before your coverage began.

    What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?


    1. Rain: What if it rains at my wedding is a question many people have. It also happens more often than people would like. If you are having an outdoor reception, this can possibly spell disaster. Even if the ceremony is inside, guests may get wet moving from a chapel to the party. You could just make friends with the rain and have some hilarious photos but your insurance will reimburse you for the necessary costs associated with the rain (makeshift gazebos, tents, etcetera). Only if there is catastrophic weather (say, a typhoon) could you cancel, collect your insurance and set up another date without paying for the wedding twice.
    2. Drunk Drivers: Of course, you should attempt to make other arrangements when guests seem drunk and plan to get behind the wheel, but not everyone opts to stay overnight at a hotel and it’s close to impossible to control everyone at a wedding reception. How much of this is your responsibility? Clearly, you’ll want to purchase wedding liability insurance to protect you from alcohol-related lawsuits resulting from your special day. You don’t want to get sued for letting someone leave the party drunk before a crash. There’s also a liquor liability coverage, which protects you and family members against alcohol-related accidents at the venue. If, say, a drunk guest topples the marble statue in the entryway of the venue, you’re covered.
    3. Stolen Gifts: It’s most dreadful when this happens at a wedding, but it does. You never know whose guest might be a kleptomaniac who likes walking away with newlyweds’ gifts. With wedding insurance you will be protected and reimbursed for whatever went missing on your special day.
    4. Missed Flights: There are always seasonal storms that cause airlines to cancel flights. Or, you may have good reason to have missed getting to the airport in time. Often, you will be covered.
    5. Damaged Wedding Gifts: Did the flood in the venue’s kitchen spill over to the gifts? Wedding gifts get damaged at the venue more often than you think. These sorts of accidents are covered by wedding insurance.
    6. Damaged or Lost Gown/Tux: So you found the perfect dress or had a tuxedo custom-made for the bigCrazy Hour Marriage Altar Grooms Wedding day but it got lost in the baggage claim or at the laundromat. You have no choice but to buy an entirely new dress or tux after spending thousands of dollars on the original! Wedding insurance will protect you so you don’t have to pay for two outfits.
    7. Your Limo Driver Is M.I.A: If you’re hiring a replacement limousine driver last minute, you’re spending big bucks to get him over there ASAP! The good news is that you’ll be covered for the difference with wedding insurance.
    8. Wilted (or Broken) Flowers: If you’re lucky enough to get replacement flowers delivered to you in time, it will be costly. Your wedding insurance should cover the difference within limits.
    9. Your Wedding Venue Is Shuttered: Let’s say that perfect setting went out of business or their pipes burst and your wedding now has no destination! Nightmare, right? Well, if you have to spend an exorbitant amount to find a last minute solution, your wedding insurance will help you pay for the extra cost.
    10. Injury or Illness: If you or your partner get critically ill or injured, you’re covered for the cost of setting a new date. In most cases, a very close family’s illness or injury will also get you covered. In fact, your expense for the honeymoon, which will also have to be canceled, may be covered by your policy as well.
    11. Wedding Cake Fail: So, the caterers dropped that beautiful white cake that you’ve been looking forward to all day? It’s tragic, but if you get another cake delivered to you, it will be covered so you’re not buying two wedding cakes. You can have your cake and eat it too!
    12. No Music: If the band or DJ don’t show up, you may be able to save the day but you certainly won’t save any money, unless you’re insured. Last-minute gigs will cost you! With wedding insurance, it doesn’t matter if the new act costs twice as much.
    13. Military Deployment: If the groom is called to duty, you will hav1weddinge no choice but to postpone the wedding day, and insurance will cover this so you don’t have to buy two weddings out-of-pocket (don’t you wish they’d plan it too?).
    14. Missing Vendors, Caterers, Photographer, Videographer or Florists: If any of the usual services at a wedding come up short or don’t show up at all, you will be covered if you’re able to find a substitute in time.

    What Wedding Insurance Won’t Cover:

    1. Cold feet: If the bride or groom change their minds about exchanging vows, no one’s getting a penny back, at least not from an insurance carrier.
    2. Lost or Stolen Wedding or Engagement Rings: Your only hope of these being covered for these items is through traveler’s insurance or if you have certain add-ons on your homeowners insurance.

    To get more specific and detailed information about wedding insurance you’ll want to speak with an Insurance Specialist. Make sure you do it far in advance of your wedding day to protect all the hard work, time and money you’re pouring into your wedding day.

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