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8 Neighborhoods with the Best Christmas Light Displays

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    Everyone loves a good Christmas light display, especially when it’s free and you don’t even have to get out of your car to see it! We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas light displays in the country, all consisting of quaint neighborhoods with stunningly festive decorations. Pretty much all you need is your car, some to-go hot chocolate and an hour or two to witness the Christmas magic in these towns.

    Holiday Trail of Lights – Natchitoches, Louisiana

    louisiana christmas light displays
    Holiday Trail of Lights Facebook

    This entire state takes Christmas pretty seriously, but there’s nothing like the Holiday Trail of Lights. In fact, Natchitoches has won several awards for its Christmas light displays which feature hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights over six weeks. There’s an endless amount of holiday activities you can participate in throughout the month of December. However, just driving around the area at night is magical enough.

    Candy Cane Lane – Woodland Hills, California

    woodland hills christmas lights display
    West Valley Warner Center Chamber of Commerce

    Of course, Los Angeles has epic Christmas light displays of its own too. Woodland Hills residents come together to decorate their homes in the most festive way and make up what is locally known as Candy Can Lane. From your car, you can drive slowly through eight blocks of twinkling lights, holiday figures and artificial snow. It’s the perfect, free way to get your family in the holiday spirit.

    Miracle on 34th Street – Baltimore, Maryland

    marlyand christmas light displays
    Getty Images

    Visit Maryland’s “Miracle on 34th Street” to find the most festive neighborhood in Baltimore. The classic rowhouses are totally decked out in string lights and holiday displays. If you decide to walk down this street instead of driving, then make sure to make a stop at the house where it all began. You can leave a message in the book on the front porch, as visitors from all over have been doing for years.

    Dyker Heights Christmas Lights – Brooklyn, New York

    brooklyn christmas light displays
    Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Facebook

    Of course, you can always visit New York’s Times Square for epic Christmas light displays. But, there’s another part of New York that you won’t want to miss during December. Located in Brooklyn is Dyker Heights, and boy, do they go all out for Christmas. The homes are truly something you’ve never seen before so take your time to enjoy the view.

    Christmas Town – McAdenville, North Carolina

    north carolina christmas light displays
    Christmas Town USA Facebook

    This town is literally nicknamed after the holiday, so you know it goes big for the entire month of December. Unlike many other Christmas light displays nowadays, the neighborhoods in this town like to keep their décor more traditional. Enjoy a drive surrounded by over half a million lights, evergreen wreaths and giant red bows adorning the front of every home.

    Peacock Lane – Portland, Oregon

    oregon christmas light displays
    Peacock Lane Facebook

    The east coast isn’t the only place to go for stunning night lights. For more than 80 years, the Tudor homes of this quaint southeast Portland neighborhood have been joining in on the holiday cheer in a big way. Peacock Lane really has it all, including sparkling lights, nativity scenes, rotating trees and life-like replicas of your favorite Christmas characters. The drive through this area will be one to remember.

    Tacky Light Tour – Richmond, Virginia

    virginia tack light tour
    Richmond Times Dispatch

    If you want something more out of the box for the holidays, then Richmond’s Tacky Light Tour is perfect for you. Every year, the local newspaper compiles a list of the houses with the tackiest holiday decorations. Residents and tourists alike follow this Tacky Light Tour to witness some of the most over-the-top homes that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

    Larsen Light Show – Elburn, Illinois

    larsen light show christmas light displays
    Larsen Christmas Lights Show Facebook

    The Larsen Light Show is unlike anything else you will see during Christmas. In fact, it’s a show put on by only one house but it’s more than worth the trip. Every year, the homeowner syncs his Christmas light display to remixed Christmas songs so that they create a truly captivating light show. Locals and tourists alike gather every night in December to witness the holiday magic.

    Your Holiday Light Display

    Are you putting your own Christmas light displays up for the holidays? It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit, but it can also pose a threat to your home. Here are some dangers to avoid when putting up holiday lights:

    • Ensure your lights are made specifically for outdoor use. If you use indoor lights on the outside of your home, you’re creating a fire hazard if there’s rain, snow or other wetness.
    • That being said, it’s best to use LED Christmas lights. They are cool to the touch and use less electricity. This reduces the chance of them overheating, as well as your electric bill.
    • hanging up christmas lightsAlways avoid using staples, tacks or nails when hanging your lights. These can puncture the Christmas light strands and create potential electric shocks. Opt for insulated holders or clips that are designed for hanging outdoor lights.
    • Never overload extension cords or outlets. Replace any extension cords that seem old or broken. Find cords that are also made for outdoor use. Additionally, make sure any cords are in a place where they won’t trip anyone.
    • Know how many light strands are safe to connect together. Most of the time, you’re only supposed to connect three strands at once. Connecting more than that may cause a potentially hazardous electrical situation.
    • Put your Christmas lights on a timer if possible. You don’t want to forget to turn your lights off and have them overheat and cause a fire.

    Homeowners Insurance

    Hopefully, you’re smart and careful when it comes to your holiday decorations. However, if an accident or mishap does occur, you’ll want to make sure your home is covered. A standard Homeowners Insurance policy typically covers your dwelling for fire and yourself for liability. For more information, speak with an AIS Insurance Specialist at (855) 247-5298.

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