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How Marriage Can Save You Money

    4 minute read

    So, you just spent a lot of money on your dream wedding, huh? Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways you can start saving money now that you’re married. After the wedding, marriage savings and discounts become a lot more abundant. From consolidating insurance policies to taking advantage of discounts, marriage has a lot more perks when it comes to finances than you thought.Read More »How Marriage Can Save You Money

    Life Insurance: Who Needs it and How Does it Work?

      4 minute read

      Life Insurance is possibly the most selfless type of insurance out there. Not only does this insurance take care of burial and funeral costs, it can also be a safety net for families. Without it, you could burden those left behind with overwhelming expenses. The list of ways you can help your family with expenses after you’re gone is long, too. Life Insurance is one way you can continue to help pay off the mortgage and debts, create a college fund for children/grandchildren and maintain your loved ones’ standard of living.Read More »Life Insurance: Who Needs it and How Does it Work?