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Roadside Assistance

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    One of the perks of owing a new vehicle is the warranty services that come along with it.  Most warranty services will include roadside assistance.  Roadside assistance can be beneficial if you need basic services while on the road.  If you get a flat tire and need help changing it, this is where your roadside assistance policy can help.  Also, typically included is limited towing service.  If your vehicle needs to be towed to a dealer, roadside assistance can make the arrangements for you.


    If you don’t have a new car, but still would like the peace of mind that comes with having roadside assistance, you certainly add this service to your existing auto insurance coverage.  In most cases it will only cost you a few dollars extra per month, but it can be well worth it should you be in a situation where it is needed.    One tow could easily be more expensive than the yearly cost of adding roadside to your policy.


    In some cases the roadside assistance plan that you add will be provided by a club such as the National Automobile Club.  Other perks of adding this coverage can include free maps, discounts on rental cars, travel links and more. 


    If you need more information contact your insurance provider, or if you are in need of California auto insurance and would like to add this to your new policy, please contact an insurance professional at


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