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Roadside Assistance from AIS

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    The open road can be a dangerous place for the ill-prepared driver. Unfortunately, many drivers who make the mistake of not preparing for a roadside emergency become stranded in a difficult situation. Luckily, a good roadside assistance plan can keep you covered in such emergencies.

    Essentially, roadside assistance is a service that aids drivers who break down or experience mechanical failure on the roadway. As such, they cover a wide variety of problems. Common emergency services include:

    • Towing – If your car breaks down and needs repair, roadside assistance can dispatch a tow truck to your location to take you to the nearest service station. Remember, although the tow is covered under roadside assistance, any repairs are not. For that, you should consider mechanical breakdown insurance.
    • Tire change – Flat tires are a common issue on the road. Roadside assistance can help you change your tire, or transport you to a service station to purchase a new one if you don’t have a spare.
    • Jumpstarts – If your battery dies, roadside assistance can get you moving again with a jumpstart. You don’t even need your own jumper cables.
    • Fuel delivery – When you run out of gas, roadside assistance can give you enough to get moving again and find a gas station so your can fully refuel.

     At AIS, we recommend Road America for roadside assistance services. In addition to receiving roadside assistance, Road America members can also enjoy valuable service offerings and discounts. Contact AIS to learn more.

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