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Pet Vehicle Safety

    2 minute read

    Whether it’s a trip to the vet, or just a cruise to the beach, at some point all animal owners will have to transport their pets.  Transporting your pets in a car can be very dangerous to you and your pet if not handled properly.  Each day we see people driving with their small dog on their lap, or bigger dogs roaming the entire car.  Not only is this a distraction to the driver, but it can be very dangerous for your pet in the event that you are in an accident. 

    Here are some safety tips and ideas you can use when transporting your pet in your vehicle:

    • Restrain your pet – Using a pet specific seatbelt or a crate will help to keep your pet in one spot. Having your pet restrained will also make them less of a distraction because they won’t be able to crawl onto your lap and will not obstruct your views of other vehicles on the road.
    • Use a pet barrier – For larger dogs that don’t fit into a crate or seatbelt, barriers are available to fit your make of vehicle. These barriers will keep your large dog in place and keep you from being distracted.
    • Drive defensively – When driving, you are responsible for your pet’s well-being. Therefore, drive accordingly. Slow down, check your mirrors often and keep a close eye on the other cars driving around you.
    • Smaller pets and exotics – for small pets like cats, or more exotic breeds like lizards, it is important to keep them in a crate or a cage while driving. Smaller animals have a tendency to seek out hidden places that can be dangerous. Keeping them in a cage will make sure they don’t end up under your brake pedal or on your dashboard.

    Following these tips will make sure that you and your pet are safe on your next road trip or during your next visit to the vet!

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