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California Roadside Assistance

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    Even though most parts of California don’t receive the harsh winters and cold climates like the east coast, it is still important to make sure you are prepared if your car breaks down . 

    When traveling, it is important to have a few basic survival items in your vehicle while you wait for help.  Always have bottled water, snacks, blankets, road flares and jumper cables in your car.  Keep these items in a kit in your trunk, so if you need them, they are easily accessible.  Now that many people have cell phones, it is also a good idea to equip your kit with a phone charger that is either solar powered or crank power.  If you breakdown and lose power, you may not be able to plug your phone into the cigarette lighter to charge it.

    To supplement your kit, you should also consider purchasing roadside assistance insurance.  This type of insurance will be beneficial if you break down.  This service typically covers minor mechanical work, towing, tire changes, jump starts and fuel delivery.

    Adding roadside assistance coverage to your current policy can be an affordable way to make sure that help is only a phone call way.  For more information on California roadside assistance coverage, please see

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