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Items to Keep in Your Car

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    It is always best to be prepared for the worst!

    Drivers can prepare for a number of emergency situations that may arise while on the road by taking a few moments to pack a few essential items. The following is a ‘must have’ list of essential items all drivers should consider purchasing. These items, which can easily be stored in the trunk, will keep drivers prepared for various emergency situations that can range from a flat tire to engine failure.

    The Basic Spare Tire

    car-emergency-item-spare-tire-kitA car’s tire can explode or deflate in a single second. Keeping a basic spare tire on hand will provide you with the tools you need to get to the nearest tire shop and purchase a full-sized tire. Just remember, if you do use the spare tire to put it back in its place so it is ready for the next emergency. It is also a good idea to check the spare tire every 6 months to make sure it is fully inflated and contains no holes or cracks.

    Blankets, Pillows, and Extra Clothing

    car-emergency-item-blanketsPacking blankets, pillows, and extra clothing is essential, especially if you are driving in areas where temperatures often go below freezing. These essential items will help you in case the car breaks down and you are stuck waiting for a prolong period of time for help.

    The pillows and blankets will keep you comfortable and warm while waiting for help. While the extra clothing will help should the temperatures start to drop as the day goes on and you are waiting for help to arrive.

    Bottled Water and Non-Perishable Foods/Snacks

    There is no way to tell exactly how long it will take for help to arrive. Storing bottled water and non-perishable foods/snacks in the car will help keep you hydrated and prevent you from going hungry while waiting.

    Some great snacks to keep in the car include:car-emergency-item-snacks

    • Nuts

    • Dry cereal

    • Crackers

    • Cookies

    • Granola bars

    • Pretzels

    Just remember to check the expiration dates on the snacks that are stored in your trunk. Replace any foods that may have expired to keep your
    stash fresh.

    Emergency Tools

    There is an eclectic mix of emergency tools that are considered ‘must haves’ for the trunk of a car. These tools will help with everything from changing a tire to alerting emergency personnel as to where you are located.

    Emergency tools that should be kept in a car include:car-emergency-item-saftey-tools

    • Basic tool kit – screwdriver, hammer, wrench

    • Car jack

    • Jumper cables


    Whether you just drive around your local neighborhood or are planning on a long road trip, it is essential to make sure you are prepared for emergencies. Keeping these items in the trunk of your car will help make sure you are prepared for almost any situation you may encounter while out on the road.