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Natural Disaster Coverages

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    Natural disasters are unpredictable and when one occurs is the wrong time to be assuming that your current homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage.  Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the damage caused by floods, earthquakes, and other types of natural disasters.  Earthquakes and floods are the most common natural disasters that Californians face.

    Earthquakes are unpredictable.  There is no “season” for them, so you need to be protected at all times.  If an earthquake hits and your house  is damaged in any way, chances are your homeowners policy will not cover the damage, nor will it cover your destroyed belongings.  With earthquake insurance coverage you can feel secure in knowing that you will be protected if one occurs.

    Floods tend to be a little bit more seasonal, as they often occur during the rainy season.  Although there are flood warnings, flash floods can happen very rapidly giving you little or not enough time to properly react to prevent water damage to your home and personal property.  Flood damage is not usually covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy, so additional coverage will need to be purchased to protect against this natural disaster. 

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