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Being Prepared and Roadside Assistance

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    With summer almost here, families will be hitting the road to visit grandma and other family members or just taking a road trip.  While these trips can be fun, one thing that could ruin it, would be breaking down, or having something go wrong with your car and then having to pay out-of-pocket expenses for the repair.

    Being prepared before you make a long drive is the best way to protect your family and your pocketbook from unplanned expenses.  First and foremost, it is important to make sure your vehicle is road trip ready.  Checking out your car before you leave and taking care of any issues will help to eliminate some problems you may face.  Check the following items before you go:

    • Tires – make sure the have the proper tread and are free from any nails or punctures.
    • Coolant – with summer heat upon us, make sure the coolant system is full and does not have any leaks.  Replace worn or broken hoses immediately.
    • Check belts – the belts in your car run various items such as power brakes, steering and air conditioning.  Replacing a worn belt can ensure you are not stuck without air or other essential functions.
    • Plan loose routes – while not an actual maintenance tip, having a loose plan of your road trip will help you to find service stations.  Making a rough plan is also good so others will know when to expect you, or when to call for help if you do not arrive.


    Another way to make sure you are protected is with a roadside assistance insurance policy.  This policy will help to defer the cost of unexpected costs along the way.  If you breakdown and need towing or a repair service, the roadside assistance coverage will help to reduce the overall cost.

    For more information about roadside assistance insurance, please contact AIS Insurance today.

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