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Can You Get Auto Insurance Before You’ve Moved to the State?

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    Can You Get Auto Insurance Before You’ve Moved To The State?

    The short answer to this question is yes.  You can purchase auto insurance before you move to that state.  The caveat is that you must already have a permanent address in the state you are moving to.  If you’ve purchased a home or leased an apartment, you can then buy insurance before you fully move in.  Bear in mind, however, that your insurance company may require you to obtain a California license and California registration for your vehicle shortly after purchasing your policy.

    Before you decide on coverage, it is important to shop around.  Many states have regulations that must be met by insurance carriers.  Only these insurance providers will be able to answer state specific questions.  If you are moving to California for instance, you would need to speak with an agency that is knowledgeable of California rules and regulations for insurance.  AIS Insurance offers free quotes for auto insurance and many other insurance products.  When you submit an inquiry for a quote, AIS will shop many different coverage’s to make sure you get the best combination of policy and price.  Many options will be returned to you, so you can pick the policy that works best for you. 

    Don’t forget, you can save money by bundling your policies.  AIS offers discounts when you purchase auto, home and others.  If you are moving to California and you need insurance, please contact a representative from AIS Insurance to help you with all of your insurance needs.