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Common Auto Insurance Discounts

    2 minute read

    Discounts are an important part of insurance. However, they can vary widely by state, policy type, and provider, thus it can be difficult to get a definite impression of which insurance discounts you may be eligible for. Luckily, there are some consistencies across the system. In terms of auto insurance, contact your AIS representative today to see if you qualify for discounts such as these.

    • Anti-theft Discount – Cars that are eligible for an anti-theft discount are models equipped with a theft recovery system, such as OnStar or LoJack. Chances are this discount (if applicable) was applied when you first purchased your car. However, if you have added any aftermarket security features to your vehicle since buying it, you may qualify to receive this discount.


    • Good Driver Discount – This is a relatively new discount you’ve probably been hearing about in many insurance advertisements. Like the name implies, drivers who have no recent history of traffic violations or insurance claims can receive a discount. “Recent history” varies among providers, so confirm with your AIS representative to see if you’re eligible.


    • Multi-car discount – This is one of the most common discounts you can obtain for auto-insurance. It’s based on the “buying in bulk” savings concept. The more policies you buy from a single provider, the less the policies will cost. If you are considering purchasing a new car, be sure to check if you qualify for a multi-car discount.


    • Mature Driver Discount – Do you know how younger drivers usually have to pay higher premiums for auto-insurance because of their lack of driving experience? It’s usually the opposite for older drivers. If you take a Mature Driver Improvement Course that is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, you could receive an insurance discount for successfully completing the course. However, you should confirm with your AIS representative first that a discount will be applied before you enroll in the course. Please note there are similar courses available for young drivers that may garner a discount as well.


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