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The Basics of Watercraft Insurance

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    Californians are no strangers to the sun and surf, and having fun out on California waters is an incredible experience. It’s even more enjoyable when it comes with peace of mind. That’s why watercraft insurance is popular among people who love to get out and hit the surf.

    Just as watercraft are different from automobiles, they require a different sort of insurance policy. Of course, your policy will be exclusive to you, but some basic coverages may include:

    • Physical damage to your watercraft & trailer
    • Damage to another watercraft,  dock, or other property
    • Towing assistance if you break down on the water
    • Liability for injury or death to another person through negligence
    • Liability for another driver using your watercraft
    • Water skiers, wake boarders, or tubers who become injured being towed by your watercraft
    • Uninsured watercraft owners insurance – injury to you caused by an uninsured watercraft operator

    Keep in mind though – some policies may limit your use of your watercraft to specific types of waterways or specific areas (such as “inland lakes and waterways” or “Pacific Costal waters within 5 miles of shore”). Still, a watercraft insurance policy is a great idea for maximizing your carefree fun out on the water. Contact AIS to learn more about watercraft insurance today.