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Mitigating Risks with Natural Disaster Coverage

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    Natural disasters are scary events that can end up causing a lot of damage to your home. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not usually cover damages from events like earthquakes or floods – two of the most common natural disasters in California. Fortunately, you can supplement your homeowner’s insurance with additional insurance policies to protect your home and assets.

    Floods tend to be seasonal and news outlets are often able to warn homeowners in advance of a flood so they can make preparations. Unfortunately, flash floods provide no such luxury and even then, it’s unlikely you can fully protect your home from a flood on your own. Purchasing flood insurance can give you piece of mind and defend you from this common disaster.

    Unlike floods, earthquakes can not be predicted; you may never be prepared for one when it hits. They can also cause devastating damage to both the inside and outside of your home. With earthquake insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your property and belongings are covered in the event of an earthquake.

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