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What Counts as a Sports Car?

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    In reality, what makes a sports car a sports car is a higher level of performance. Of course, this increased performance comes at a cost. The price of a performance model vehicle is always higher than its more average counterpart. Replacement or spare parts can also be more expensive. As such, sports cars typically require more expensive insurance policies. But, the category of “sports car” is subjective in some areas, and many insurance companies have different definitions for what does and does not count as a sports car. However, there are some common elements they take into account:

    Number of doors – a four-door sports car is not very common. Usually, four doors indicate a vehicle designed for safety, and/or families. Two doors usually indicate a smaller vehicle (such as a coup) built with speed or maneuverability in mind. As such, a vehicle with two doors may signal your insurance company to offer you sports car-style coverage.

    Engine Size – Bigger engines are indicative of speed and performance. However, this is not always the case. A truck or SUV may make use of a V8 engine to increase hauling power. More and more car models are offering V4 engines as standard for their basic trims – so driving a car with a V6 or higher may fit your insurance company’s sports car definition.

    Height & Weight – To maximize their speed and performance, sports cars are generally lower to the ground and weigh less than their non-sporty counterparts. Therefore, your insurance company may take these factors into consideration.

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