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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance vs. Extended Warranties

    2 minute read

    Life is full of big expenses that can put a strain on your income or savings. The worst of these are major car repairs. Unlike a fire or theft, your car is almost guaranteed to need repairs or replacement parts at some point, but you never know exactly when. Because they are so difficult to predict and plan for, car repair bills can be financially damaging.

     Fortunately, you can protect yourself from this risk with mechanical breakdown insurance. When most car owners consider this type of insurance, the first thing they do is try to compare it to an extended warranty. They usually find that a mechanical breakdown insurance policy offers a much better value. Extended warranties are often riddled with limitations and exclusions that make them difficult to use. On top of that, they usually require an expensive lump sum payment to enroll.

     At AIS, we find you the lowest rates on mechanical breakdown coverage – often beating out extended warranties in terms of affordability, value, and coverage. By shopping with AIS, you can get the following:

    • Wholesale pricing – cheaper than a dealership’s extended warranty
    • Repairs at any licensed repair facility – including your preferred dealership
    • Claims paid directly to repair facility
    • Rental car reimbursement up to $300 per occurrence
    • 24-hour Roadside Service
    • Road hazard tire coverage and trip interruption coverage
    • Nationwide protection
    • Choice of deductibles, as low as $0
    • Coverage is available for new or used vehicles
    • Comprehensive coverage available
    • Transferable to another owner if you sell your vehicle – increased resale value of your vehicle

    Contact an AIS representative today for a mechanical breakdown insurance quote for your vehicle.

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