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US Auto Insurance vs. Mexico Auto Insurance

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    Driving across the US/Mexican border is a common practice for many residents of California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. However, there are still many people (especially tourists) who do not know that US auto insurance policies are not valid in Mexico.

    Driving around in another country without the protection of auto insurance can be troubling – especially if you consider the consequences. If you were traveling to Australia or Germany, for example, you would most likely make sure to abide by local laws and have the proper coverage through your car rental company. But for some reason, many people seem to think that no coverage is needed when driving our own vehicles south of the border. The truth is that if Mexican law enforcement finds that you do not have proof of valid auto insurance, you can be jailed and your vehicle can be impounded. Worse yet, if you were to be involved in some sort of accident, you could be open to some serious financial liabilities that could be well above $200K. Yes, American dollars!

    What You Need

    To comply with the law and protect your vehicle, you will need to purchase an auto insurance policy for Mexico. This specialized insurance provides all the same protections as your usual policy and is recognized by the Mexican government. The great thing is that unlike insurance here in the US, you can acquire coverage for just a few days or for several months at a time. That flexibility really makes a difference on your wallet and gives you peace of mind for your trip.

    How AIS Helps

    For over a decade AIS’s trusted partner, MexPro, has made purchasing Mexico auto insurance exceptionally easy and versatile. Policies can extend from 6 to 12-month terms (for frequent trips across the border and for extended stays), or be custom priced by day to cover you for the duration of your trip. You can also choose from various coverage levels to meet your specific needs. Best of all, there are policies available for almost every kind of vehicle, including cars and trucks, RVs, watercrafts, and motorcycles. And how easy is it? Glad you asked. It’s very easy! The entire process can be completed through a one-page online application that gets you covered and ready to go in about 5 minutes—no kidding!

    When planning your next trip to Mexico, visit our AIS page for Mexico Auto Insurance.



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