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Roadside Emergency Essentials for California Driving

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    Because California has an abundance of climates and driving conditions, California drivers should be ready for anything. The following is a list of roadside emergency essentials for California driving. 

    1. Flashlight. Keep a small but powerful flashlight in your glove compartment. Just make sure to check your flashlight every once in a while to make sure your batteries work.
    2. Vehicle escape tool. Carry a vehicle escape tool, such as the ResQMe or LifeHammer device, should you ever need to break out of your car.
    3. Orange vest with reflectors. Should you ever find yourself walking along the side of the road after a breakdown, wearing an orange vest with reflectors may help you be seen by other drivers.
    4. Safety whistle. A safety whistle may help you protect yourself from wildlife, should your car ever break down in a rural, mountainous or inland area.
    5. Non-perishable food. It’s always a good idea to keep non-perishable food such as granola or cereal bars in your car at all times, and especially when driving in the winter.
    6. Thermos with water. Especially important for driving in arid regions, California drivers should never be without an adequate supply of drinking water.
    7. Tire jack and spare tire. While all cars come equipped with a tire jack and spare tire, over time certain components can go missing. Before you go anywhere, make sure your spare tire is inflated and that your jack works properly.
    8. Folding shovel and ice scraper. A shovel and ice scraper are invaluable tools that may be helpful should you ever find yourself stranded in inclement weather.
    9. First aid kit. Every car should have a basic first aid kit. In cooler climates, it’s a good idea to include hand and body warmers in your first aid kit.
    10. Extra blankets. Extra blankets are helpful in case of a breakdown in the desert or in colder climates. Make sure to keep extra blankets in a place where they are accessible from the vehicle’s interior.
    11. Car cell phone charger. A vehicle cell phone charger is a must for highway safety. Just remember not to use your phone while you’re driving!
    12. Roadside Assistance. Of all the investments you can make into roadside safety, roadside assistance is the most important, and can help you stay safe and in your car while help is on the way.

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