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Is Part Time Insurance Right for You?

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    Most people are under the impression that the only chance they get to save on insurance is when shopping for a new policy, or renewing an old one. However, you may be able to utilize “part-time insurance” to save on your policy during certain times of the year.

    Part time insurance works for vehicles that you own, but do not use often or only during certain times of the year. Usually, this applies to seasonal vehicles (like snowmobiles), classic or antique cars, motorcycles stored during months of inclement weather, and recreational vehicles owned by vacationers. It typically is not available for your primary autos.

    When these vehicles are not in use, you can have them temporarily suspended from coverage. That way, you do not have to pay insurance costs for the vehicle. Of course, there are restrictions depending on your insurance provider. Most companies will only allow you to move vehicles on and off this standby coverage four times per year. They also may require that the vehicle has a certain level of coverage to be eligible.

    Of course, there is also the danger of damaging the vehicle while it is not covered. The few hundred dollars you save by suspending the insurance on a vehicle can quickly be lost if the vehicle is damaged with no insurance to protect it.

    Whether you can utilize part-time insurance is at the discretion of your insurance provider. Contact your AIS representative today to see if you are eligible.