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5 Reasons You Should Watch Out for Big Rigs on California Roads

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    When driving through the great state of California, there are certain realities you may want to accept, and maybe even embrace, if you want to keep your sanity. For example, you will always pick the slowest lane in rush hour traffic, traffic lights will catch you only on days when you are late or in a hurry, and you will often find yourself behind that abnormally slow driver who is lost or trying to follow specific directions.

    Big Rigs on the Roads of California

    big rig on a california roadHere is one reality of California driving: there will always be big rigs on the roads, especially on highways and freeways. And they will likely not travel as fast as you do, as their speed limit is set lower. However, because the state (and national) economy depend so much on the hauling capabilities of 18-wheelers, these vehicles will not be going away anytime soon.

    Whenever you see a big rig on the road, you should be extremely cautious and pay close attention. Why?

    1. They are large vehicles. OK, you probably noticed that. In fact, 18-wheelers weigh twenty to thirty times more than the average car. That immense bulk translates into more severe consequences for you if you collide with a big rig. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 2/3 of all deaths that occur in truck accidents befall people in passenger vehicles.

    2. They may not be able to see you. Your car pales in comparison in regards to size and you must deal with blind spots. Imagine the trouble that truck drivers have seeing other vehicles around them. They also go without a rear view mirror! It is a cliché, but it is true: if you cannot see a tractor-trailer’s side mirrors, then its driver probably cannot see you.

    3. They cannot stop quickly or maneuver suddenly. Since they are so big and bulky, 18-wheelers take longer to stop than smaller vehicles do. Plus, they cannot swerve, change direction, or take evasive action as nimbly as your car can. Keep this in mind the next time you are driving near a big rig.

    4. They make wide turns. Those colorful signs on the back of tractor trailers are not just for show. When 18-wheelers make a turn, they are going to take up more road space than you would in your car. That means they will probably enter other lanes of traffic during a turn and that lane could be yours. It is suggested you do not try to pass a big rig while it is turning.

    5. Their drivers may be sleepy. Sure, truck drivers are required by law to be as awake and alert as you are while driving, but in reality, truckers often drive between 60 and 80 hours per week. Therefore, they do tend to be a bit tired at times, even during daylight hours. Having a heightened sense of awareness while driving near big rigs will help.

    Understanding the 5 reasons listed above can not only help you avoid accidents with large vehicles such as an 18 wheeler, but can also help you become more aware of potential threats on the road while driving. If you need auto insurance while driving in California, contact Auto Insurance Specialists today. No matter what happens on the road, AIS can help keep you protected.

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