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Help! How Do I Get Car Insurance?

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    If you’re a teenager or a recent arrival to California, you may have wondered How do I get a driver’s license? Then you discovered the procedure that involved studying driving laws, getting behind-the-wheel experience, passing the exams, and going to the DMV for your license.

    If you’re out on your own for the first time, you may have asked yourself How do I buy a car? Then you checked out ads, went to dealerships, negotiated price, obtained financing, and signed on the dotted line.

    Even though you’ve figured out how to overcome these two obstacles, there’s still one more question you must answer before getting out on the roads: How do I get auto insurance?

    Thankfully, obtaining auto insurance is usually much easier than getting your license or purchasing a car.

    Here are the things you need to do:

    • Refrain from driving until you have coverage. Don’t try to flout the law. Otherwise, you could be stuck paying hefty fines if you’re caught — or worse, paying out of pocket for any damage or injuries resulting from a wreck that you cause.

    • Determine exactly what insurance you want. Do you just want the minimum liability required by state law? Or do you want collision to pay for damages to your car, comprehensive to guard against theft or fire, or protection from uninsured motorists?

    • Contact an insurance company or agent. You can either give them a call or visit their office in person (remember, don’t drive to it!). But the easiest way is to visit their website online and click on the “Get a Quote” option.

    • Provide your information. In addition to the basic name/address/phone number data, you’ll need to give the insurer details about your car, including make, model, and mileage. Also, figure out how many miles you drive per week or year.

    • Look at the offer. After the insurer has all the required info, you’ll receive an offer of coverage. Don’t just look at the bottom line price — check out the levels of coverage you’re being offered as well.

    • Shop around. Don’t limit your search for auto insurance to just one insurer. Check out several companies to see what they are charging for the same coverage. You may be surprised at the variability in pricing.

    • If possible, tweak your policy. If you want to save money, consider a higher deductible and look for discounts that can reduce your premiums.

    • Accept the offer. Pick the insurance coverage offer that works best for you, and then sign the necessary paperwork. You’ll get a temporary proof of insurance card immediately, with a permanent card to follow in the mail in a few days. Never drive without this proof of insurance card, or you could get a ticket if you’re pulled over.

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