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Tailgating Safety Tips

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    Cooler temperatures bring relief from summer heat, and more importantly they usher in tailgating season. As you hit the road to help cheer on your favorite team, we want you to be safe. Food safety, driving safety and drinking safety are all important considerations when you’re in a packed parking lot. We have compiled some tips that will ensure nothing goes wrong while you’re having fun.

    tailgating-grilling-safeTailgate Grilling Safety

    Portable grills are a huge convenience but they are also a huge safety hazard when improperly used. Always setup grills on level, non-flammable surfaces. Any surface that isn’t completely even can create a tipping hazard and cause a fire. If you are using a gas grill, never light it with the lid closed, which can cause an explosion. Likewise, don’t place grills within 15 feet of anything containing gasoline, including your vehicle. That way if a fire does get out of control, you can put it out without a catastrophe occurring. Finally, make sure you take along a fire extinguisher. Even if you don’t need it yourself, you may be able to save the day for a fellow tailgater.

    Driving Safety

    Don’t assume that you can park anywhere, even if other cars are there, or you may come back to find your vehicle has been towed. Park only in designated tailgating areas. If you leave your vehicle to watch the game, lock up all valuables or take them with you. Additionally, drive much slower than normal when entering and exiting the parking lot. Tailgating events have pets, children and people wandering around aimlessly. Drive cautiously to avoid any accidents.

    Tailgate Drinking Safety

    First and foremost, never let anyone drive who has consumed alcohol. Designate a driver at the very beginning for each vehicle in your party. Drink responsibly by not consuming more than you can tolerate without losing the ability to make sound judgment. A good rule of thumb is to only drink one alcoholic beverage per hour. Additionally, avoid consuming both alcohol and energy drinks together, which can increase the effects of alcohol and cause faster impaired judgment. Tailgating hosts should watch guests carefully for signs of alcohol intoxication and seek medical attention immediately if needed.


    Tailgating Sun Safety

    Too much sun can increase the effects of alcohol and lead to a nasty burn that ruins the party. Always apply sunscreen with an spf of 30 at least 30 minutes before you head outdoors. Additionally, low-cost pop-up tents and shelters are perfect for keeping the sun off and making party goers more comfortable. Hosts should also be sure to keep plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages on hand to help guests rehydrate.


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