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Tips for a Tailgate Party

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    Tailgate party

    Tailgating gained popularity in the US, especially during sporting events, festivals, and concerts. Even though it might sound ridiculously simple to plan a party around a tailgate, it is assuredly not so. Without proper planning it could be a disaster.

    Here are some pointers for you:

    • Sort out the travel arrangements – figure out if it is more convenient to reach the venue separately, or meet somewhere and go together. In case you don’t have a big car, at least one person should have a vehicle that is large enough to carry the necessary supplies.
    • Shortage of food and beverages is a common problem and could lead to a massive flop. Jot down the number of heads and how much food and drinks are required. Other supplies like plates, glasses, cups, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, utensils, bottle openers, coolers, thermoses, garbage bags etc. are needed as well (use plastic cutlery as much as possible as they are easy to dispose).
    • If the party continues well into the evening and night, you should make arrangements for lighting if the venue isn’t lit up sufficiently.
    • What type of food should you take? The options are limitless, but it is advisable to carry snacks and finger foods as they are easy to consume without getting messy. Some ideas are kebabs, hot dogs, hamburgers, cold cuts, hero meatball sandwiches, dips, coleslaw, corn chips, nachos, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee, desserts, and so on. Make sure you carry condiments, mustard, sauces, salt and pepper, and ice.
    • Get to the venue as quickly as possible, so that you can get a good spot. If it is a popular venue, you might face a problem when it comes to parking. Needless to say, a tailgate can’t happen without proper and adequate space.
    • Barbecue grills and any other equipment should be set up early, so the party can begin right away.
    • Don’t just stand around the vehicle. You can organize some games like badminton, Frisbee, or anything that comes to your mind. Put on some music and dance – you can invite other tailgaters to join the party too!
    • Lastly, please cleanup after the tailgate is over. While you might not be obligated to do so, it is good party etiquette to ensure that disposable cutlery, beer bottles etc. are cleared up and deposited in bins.

    Tailgate food

    Plan, enjoy, and have great fun at your upcoming tailgate!

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