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5 Tips For House Hunting

    2 minute read

    tips for house hunting

    Looking for a new house can be overwhelming. Because the home you choose will be yours for the foreseeable future, you want to make sure that you select the right place. Below are some tips to simplify the house hunting process and help you find the home that’s best for you.

    1. Hire a real estate agent you trust.


    Local real estate agents have insight into the area you plan to live, as well as the home-buying process itself. Real estate agents are also able to draw your attention to potential issues with the home that you may not have noticed, such as an older roof or bad location.
    When choosing a real estate agent, try to find reviews written by previous clients. If you cannot find reviews, ask around town to learn more about each prospective agent. Choose the agent with the best reputation for honesty, effectiveness and quality customer service.

    2. Do two walkthroughs at each home.


    During your first walkthrough, move from one room to the next and take in the sights around you. After you have seen the entire house, start back at the front door and repeat your walkthrough while carefully taking notes. Be sure to make note of any problems you notice that may need repairs, as well as the aspects of the home you like the most. If possible, sketch a rough floor plan of the home so you will be able to remember its layout when you look back at your notes later.

    3. Narrow down your choices.

    Make a list of the amenities you cannot live without in your home and eliminate any homes that don’t contain all of these amenities. Next, compare the remaining homes side by side. Make a spreadsheet, lay out photographs of the homes or simply make pros and cons lists for each house to compare. Try to narrow your choices down to two or three properties. If possible, return to these homes for another walkthrough.

    4. Be practical.


    In some cases, the home you love the most may not make the most practical sense. For example, if you don’t have any extra funds in your budget for appliances, choosing a home with no included appliances may not be the wisest decision. Likewise, you should avoid selecting a home that has unaffordable taxes, a long commute or no room for your furniture.

    sleep-on-it5. Sleep on it.

    When you see a home you love, your first instinct may be to jump on it and make an offer. However, acting too quickly often leads to regrets. Before you make an offer on a home, take a night to think it over, talk to other members of the family and make sure that you are prepared to take the next step.